About Us

TEO is a premium brand in the Argentinian Outfitting Industry, located in the North-West of the country, in the City of Santiago del Estero.

For over two decades we have been providing exceptional hunting experiences, and
possess in-depth knowledge of safaris and big games. We cater for the needs of
hunters from all over the world, offering personalized services and optimum success in big and small games.

At TEO, we understand the difference between plain well-planned hunting trips, and memorable hunting experiences. Whether you prefer the emblematic “South
American Diamond” or Dove hunting trip in some of the most strategic spots in the
world, TEO delivers what you ask for. Would you prefer adrenaline rush of exciting
Red Stag hunting, or spending some relaxing time in a white-sand river while Golden Dorado Fishing?

Furthermore, the TEO experience is not just about hunting, but it is also a cultural
experience. Let us surprise you with the perfect balanced combination between
wildlife, experience and professionalism, local hospitality and traditional
gastronomic attractions. Let us show you the TEO experience!