About Us

TEO is an Argentine based Outfitter operation led by Federico Clausen. 

Wether fishing Dorado in cristal-celar water, shooting doves or tracking World Record big game, Federico gained an insight into Argentinian destinations only to be achieved by 15 years of non-stop commitment to high standards. In an industry were shortcuts can be an option Federico chose the straight path. Over the years his straight-forward attitude, passion and deep knowledge of the outdoors naturally turned him into a trusted advisor to his clientele. Today, associated to hand picked operations in Argentina Federico leads TEO  with the objective of maintaining his high standards throughout a select portfolio of destinations. 

Thanks to modern communications, wether chasing Dorado or Trout on South America´s summer or tracking big-game in the fall, Federico leads this organization by constantly searching for the the next perfect destination.

Fede clause co founder of TEO

Federico C. Clausen

Co-Founder of TEO & Sales Director
The Exclusive Outfitters